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Innocent Okoduwa Launches Mobile App For RWJ Oil Diesel Delivery

The Nigerian petroleum industry is about to experience a unique development with the recent innovation brought by Innocent Okoduwa, the CEO RWJ oil and gas limited (Roy Wealth Jnr).

Okoduwa in an interview with journalists yesterday said ”
 the frustrating situations citizens go through every day to get diesel and other petroleum products are on called for."

People get frustrated when they experience an unexpected delay in their journey due to unforeseen fuel situations, which sometimes put them in a position where they become victims of robbery”.

According to the CEO, These challenges have led to the development of 
an app that allows people to buy diesel, petrol and other petroleum products from the comfort of their homes at their own convenient time. “I have always wanted all citizens to get the same treatment regarding diesel, petrol, and other products".

This app is designed to allow anyone around Nigeria to get diesel and other products at a reasonable price and speed without hidden charges.

Okoduwa also emphasizes how the app will aid the reduction of people standing in a queue to get fuel at the fuel station and even the risk of accidents during the sales of diesel and petrol.

“RWJ oil and gas limited has been part of the few Nigerian oil and gas companies that offer diesel, petrol, and other products that are entirely free from impurities at normal prices since it was founded”.

Speaking further Okoduwa said the app had passed through all necessary tests, which proves it is secure and safe to use before it was launched ”

The app is available across all platforms or Visit to ensure that everyone has access to it, and it is available for free on all secured application stores such as google play store for download.

Okoduwa also vowed that his company would remain one of the reputable companies that would never hoard fuel in a quest to gain excessively or increase price unnecessarily to make life more difficult for the masses than it is already.

Contact & Reach RWJ Oil
  • Email:
  • 234818 571 5097, +234705 991 4488
  • Office: Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria

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Corona Virus Pandemic has hit the world hard and football is one major aspect that has suffered the most from this pandemic. The Virus which started in Wuhan China has spread to almost every part of the world.

Footballer matches have either been cancelled or postponed owing to the Virus. Even Uefa Champions league and Europa league matches has been cancelled as top proffessiona footballers and managers has been confirmed with the Virus

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Nobody like the sound of that, especially when you are in the middle of something very important.
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