#Video:Bill Gate prophesied about Corona Virus in 2015

What is really going on?

I saw a post on Facebook few and i think it is worth sharing.

A lady by name Mitche Ferrons wrote on facebook about Corona virus. she said:

Do you Know the Corona virus is not a fuckin virus 😪😪😪 it’s 5G that’s actually killing people and not a “virus” 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ they are trying to get u scared of a fake ass virus when it the 5G towers being built around the world. China was the first to have over 100,000 5G towers, and people in Wuhan were the first to get affected by it. This 5G shit was planned years ago to depopulate us and keep as at a low vibrational state. Bill gates is the one who created this along with the weird entities who control this world. He also is creating a vaccine for this so called corona virus that they are going to try to enforce on everyone. These Vaccines are actually chips that they are trying to implant in billions of people across the world. They can literally monitor all ya actions, movements, whereabouts, and thoughts through these lil micro chips. Not only that they can end ya life through them micro chips with the push of a button. They know in order to have millions of people take these vaccines they first need to create a fake virus. Smh it grinds my fuckin gears that you humans are brainwashed enough to believe wtf the news and media puts out there. WAKE TF UP and start researching the truths behind these weird agendas they keep creating. Y’all really out there with masks and shit on WHEN IT AINT NO DAMN VIRUSSSSSS. These Chinese doctors and people you see on TV that’s so called affected by the virus ARE ALL ACTORS, this shit is scripted out LITERALLY. It’s 5G towers that’s killing people and no mask in the world can prevent them levels of radiation from frying your brain. If we don’t wake tf up NOW this shit finna really kill us smh 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ but of course y’all gonna think I’m crazy for saying this too right ??? Smh Fuckin Robots is what y’all are, legit programmed robots ‼️

Below is a video of bill gate talking about Corona virus in 2015.

She also advised her followers on how to stay safe  from Corona virus. 

Please be careful guys, it's not rumors it's virus which can kill you easily. Don't take it as sarcasm, meme , take care of yourself, your family and your friends. Don't be a dumbass and stop being crazy 🙄🙄 please. We love you and your parents love you so avoid gathering, stop sharing your smoking stuffs too, carry Corona virus mask(not that 10rs mask) and sanitizer. It's not a meme material anymore so please stop showing you're brave enough, your one mistake can kill you or your favourite person. I wish you guys are enough mature to understand.

Please note how Corona virus can spread:

1. Morning milk bags.
2. Elevator buttons.
3. Door bells.
4. Newspapers.
5. Car door after wash.
6. Garbage can exchange with housekeeping staff (also their ingress into housing society, and movement from house to house).
7. Raw vegetable and fruits purchased.
8. Shop counters.
9. Office pantry, lunchroom, washroom, and door handles.
10. Garden seats.
11. Play area swings, etc. (though for an unknown reason, young children thankfully are less affected)
12. Maids touching multiple surfaces at home.
13. All door knobs.
14. Packets of Delivery boys - Amazon, Swiggy, etc.
15. Any shopping packets.
16. Currency notes and coins.
17. Uber, Auto, etc.
18. Bus and train handles
19. Shoes, etc., which may step on spit.
20. If travelling by air, then multiple points from departing terminal to arrival terminal.

Thank you so much for reading, have a great life ahead. I love you guys😓
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