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Have someone ever tried persuading you to join And you maybe asking yourself,  "Is advertpay legit?  How much have you made from it since you joined advertpay? How do i know if advertpay is not another scam site! "

Well don't panic!

I would have asked the question!.  Anyway,  I'm going to save your ass by writing a review about and i hope it will help you.

What is Advertpay and how does it works.

According to the name, this is a platform that helps users or members earn when they watch videos (advertisement). Advertpay shows Users advert to watch and pay them for watching them. This site also permits business to display their adverts. Below is a direct claim from the company.

Are you still confuse?  Read down!

This Income Program is quite easy to understand. Advertpay Income Program enables users to earn money through watching of short Adverts from different company. You have to choose a Subscription Plan (this will be discussed later) because it will determine how much you earn. In a day, you have to watch two (2) adverts. For example, if you subscribe to the first subscription plan, and you watch the two adverts for that day, you are getting $1.

Advertpay Subscription Packages  – review

In this platform,  There are seven (7) Subscription Plans that each member have to register on.  Before you Join this platform and be a full member,  you must choose any of the plan below. 

1. Starter Plan

• Subscription Fee: $10 (about N3600)
• Daily Earning: $1 (N360)
• Expiry date: Unknown for now

In this plan, you can get $1 daily when you watch the adverts. You can actually make 30 USD in 30 days.

2. Basic Plan

• Subscription Fee: $20
• Daily earning: $2
• Expiry date: unknown (maybe a monthly subscription)
Just like the first subscription plan. But here you get $2 when you watch the two videos for the day.

3. Max Plan

• Subscription Fee: $50
• Daily Earning: $5
Here is quite big. In a month, if you watch all videos for that month, you can earn up to  $150 monthly in this plan. 

4. Pro Plan

• Subscription Fee: $100
• Daily Earning: $10
This plan is bigger than the above three (3) as you can see. Here you are getting $300 in a month if you are consistent.

5. Gold Plan

• Subscription Fee: $200
• Daily Earning: $20

6. Platinum Plan

• Subscription Fee: $500
• Daily Earning: $50

7. Enterprise Plan

• Subscription Fee: $1,000
• Daily Earning: $100 review: Payments Method 

They only pay their users with bitcoin.  If you don't know much about Bitcoin and How you can receive payments from Bitcoin,  i refer you to BBC guide on Bitcoin.

 Is Advertpay legit or Scam(Top Secret) 

This is the main deal!  This is really why you came here and I'm gonna try my best not to mislead You.

Few weeks ago,  Advertpay were paying their users and they were all very happy because it is very Hard to see a legitimate paying site in the World today. 

But all of the sudden,  they stopped paying! And i know you wanna know why? Chill! 

It was reported That they sent mail to all their members regarding this issues. 

Remember i wrote earlier that Advertpay pay their members with Bitcoin and in their mail,  they said its because of the fluctuation of bitcoin that they will resume payment the following day but they never did. Its been 3 days now no payment so I kindly advice not to join yet.

I advise you to save dollar for now. 


They are so many site paying now.  Watch out for my next article,  i will give the list of site You can make money from. 

My advise on Advertpay is that you should hold your peace,  once they start paying again I'll update this Review.