10 Most Popular & Best Gift Card Perfect For Holiday Season

Over the years, the demand for best gift card Amazon has been on the rise which is definitely good news to retailers who use gift cards as a promotional strategy. According to a survey by WalletHub, forty-one per cent of the people surveyed claimed they preferred a gift card as the perfect holiday gift.

Gift cards are probably the best gift for a friend or a loved one during the holiday season and they are a solution to the rejection or the down feeling you get when you buy someone a gift they don’t want.

Gift cards allow people to make to own choices, be it to spend on the vast stores on Amazon or Walmart or something more specific like an iTunes, Starbucks or Victoria’s Secret gift card.

Gift card

In this article, we will be looking at the 10 most popular gift card perfect presents for the holiday season

What Is A Gift Card Amazon?

Itunes gift card

Before we go on to list the best gift cards for the holiday season, we should first familiarize you with its meaning. A gift card is simply a pre-paid voucher (money card) to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases.

How Do Gift Card Amazon Work?

Gift cards are mostly used by retailers and marketers as a part of a promotional strategy to attract new customers or return existing customers to the store. Gift cards cannot be cashed out and can only be used to purchase on a particular store.

Gift cards are the most popular gifts and they are in a high request today, they are the most-wanted gift by women and the second-most given gift by consumers.

A $25 gift card from Amazon means you can purchase anything for any store on Amazon that is within the stipulated amount. You simply turn over the gift card and you will be given the item.

What Are The Best Selling Gift Card Amazon and Good For Presents?

While most women would prefer a gift card as a present than a trip to the spa, it would be worthy to note that not just any gift card would do.

Surveys carried out by Wallethub have shown that the best selling gift cards and the best gift cards for presents are those from Amazon, Itunes, Starbucks, Visa, and Walmart.

If you also wish to sell your gift card to another person or send it to a friend or family member it is important to take note of the best selling gift cards to ensure you give them one they could use for something useful.

Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards And Types Of Gift Cards

Cash cards gift card

Cash card gift cards

Cash cards are gift cards that can be used anywhere. These cards offer great flexibility since you can use them anywhere credit card payment is accepted and to carry out online transactions.

Cash cards are sponsored by companies like Discover, American Express and Visa

Store Cards gift card

Store cards are the most popular option and they are cards which are specific to a particular retailer like Victoria’s Secret, Aliexpress and Amazon. Store cards are the best gift cards as they are more personal.

However, these cards have an expiry date which could be around 30 or 90 days. Some store cards also lose value after some months, this is a demurrage policy placed on some store cards by the sponsor.

Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards

How To Save Money On Gift Card Amazon

While millions of dollars worth of gift cards go unused every year they are a really great way to save cash and get free shipping for goods from online sites. Below we are going to list several ways you can save money on gift cards.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

The best way to save money on gift cards is to simply buy them at discounted rates.

There are some websites which offer discounted gift cards and allow you to sell unwanted gift cards after the holiday season is over. Discounts range from 5% to more than 20% off card value and the denominations are limitless. Some top sites which offer this service include Cardpool, Raise, and Card Kangaroo.

Shop Online

A top promotional method of most online sites is to offer gift cards, coupons or discounts to customers who spend a certain amount on the website or on a particular store on the website. Groupon is one of those sites that gives you gift cards worth $40 for spending just about $200 on some products like nursery furniture.

Buy From eBay

Another great but stressful way to save money on gift cards involves bidding on eBay. While the prices might seem high at first you will notice them drop as users get more anxious to get rid of the gift card. That means you have to be really patient and also watch out so that someone doesn’t win the bid just when the price is low enough.

Amazon Daily Deal

Another easy method to save money on gift cards involves stalking the best Amazon gift card Daily Deal. Amazon Daily Deal involves deals for products for a particular day and occasionally includes gift cards which you can claim if you are really fast enough. When in the Daily Deal Section, search for “gift cards” and see if anyone that suits your fancy pops up.

Wrapping Up 10 Most Popular Gift Card Perfect For Holiday Season

Gift cards are becoming a popular present these days and the interests of people in getting a gift card is growing especially in the US. This makes them one of the best presents to gift a friend or loved one during the holidays rather than buying a gift they might not want.

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While many gift cards go unused as they would easily be lost, misplaced and stolen, it is important to use them on time to ensure you get a product that is worth the value of the card.

If you are not interested in a gift card then you would simply sell the card and get its value in cash (selling it as a discount rate would make it faster). However, note the expiry date and the demurrage policy (if any) on the card before selling or storing for later use.


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