NewsLiteNg Income Program Review: Is it legit or scam

 NewsLiteNg Income Program Review

NewsLiteNg Income Program is a new Income Program that has come to limelight and this has gained the likes of some Nigerians and Africans. But the real question is, ‘Is this Income Program a Scam? You will find out as you go through this article. Just try to read this NewsLiteNg Income Program Review because it will serve as an eye opener to those that want to get involve in this. Be careful to read every line of this article so that you won’t skip any vital information.

What is NewsLiteNg Online Program –

This is an Income Program that is powered by Obeje Software Solutions which is a registered company with Business number; BN3022681. NewsLiteNg Income Program serves news to News lovers and they also make it possible for people to make money via performing some tasks. Some might be wondering ‘How is NewsLiteNg Income Program making their money to pay members? This revenue is gotten by promoting paid ads from their clients (because they run adverts) and by also partnership with ads company like Google, Jumia, etc.

Review: How does NewsLiteNg Income Program Work?

This is just like other Income Program where you do some certain tasks and get paid by accomplishing those tasks. As a member, you are to do things like Reading, Writing, Commenting, Sharing of article and referring of friends. Once you do the above task, you will get paid. There are some other things you have to know about this Program and it will be explained with all simplicity.

How to Earn on NewsLiteNg – NewsLiteNg Review

Although, the amount you receive depends on the Level of Membership you Subscribe to nevertheless, there are some certain amount you get as a member and it is general (regardless of your Membership level). Below is an overview of How to Earn on NewsLiteNg Income Program.
1.) Registration bonus: Once you become a member, you are automatically given N200 into your wallet. You don’t have to do anything to get it just become a member.
2.) Daily Login Bonus: For every daily login, you get N50.
3.) Referral Bonus (₦1,000 per referral): When you refer your friends to register with NewsLiteNg, give them Your Referral link for registration, you will receive ₦1,000 as soon as they register and upgrade their account.
4.) Daily Sponsored Post: Once you make a Sponsored post on Facebook, you will get N50.
N/B: You can do just one sponsored post in a day.
5.) Reading and Commenting on post: You get N70 for any well constructed comment you make on any post.
6.) Creating Post: Here the price varies depending on your post uniqueness, quality and structure you can get N100 – N1000.
Like I said at the beginning of this header, your earning depends on your Level of Membership. These levels of membership are Silver Membership and Gold Membership. I won’t be explaining them because I saw just a Difference between them.
In Silver Membership, registration is free but in Gold Membership, Registration is N1500.
N/B: You just need at least 100 friends on Facebook and pay your money before you become a member of Gold Membership.

How to Withdraw your Earnings

Once you have gotten up to N4,000 in your wallet, you are eligible to withdraw. Where you Refer or not, you can still withdraw ( Although this is their claim, I don’t know how true).

NewsLiteNg Income Program Review: Is it legit or scam

Let me just go straight to the point here. I can’t really say if this Income Program is legit or Scam at the moment. But one thing about these Programs is that most of them turn out to be a Scam when they are old. This Income Program is quite old now. Therefore I won’t be surprise if it is a Scam. I recently write about review and i guess you should take a look. 
You can help develop this NewsLiteNg Income Program Review by dropping a Comment below. review; Is it Legit or Scam? 4 lies you must know review,  is advertpay scam

Adverypay.UK review is brought to you by Dollarpennysaver. Read carefully

Have someone ever tried persuading you to join And you maybe asking yourself,  "Is advertpay legit?  How much have you made from it since you joined advertpay? How do i know if advertpay is not another scam site! "

Well don't panic!

I would have asked the question!.  Anyway,  I'm going to save your ass by writing a review about and i hope it will help you.

What is Advertpay and how does it works.

According to the name, this is a platform that helps users or members earn when they watch videos (advertisement). Advertpay shows Users advert to watch and pay them for watching them. This site also permits business to display their adverts. Below is a direct claim from the company.

Are you still confuse?  Read down!

This Income Program is quite easy to understand. Advertpay Income Program enables users to earn money through watching of short Adverts from different company. You have to choose a Subscription Plan (this will be discussed later) because it will determine how much you earn. In a day, you have to watch two (2) adverts. For example, if you subscribe to the first subscription plan, and you watch the two adverts for that day, you are getting $1.

Advertpay Subscription Packages  – review

In this platform,  There are seven (7) Subscription Plans that each member have to register on.  Before you Join this platform and be a full member,  you must choose any of the plan below. 

1. Starter Plan

• Subscription Fee: $10 (about N3600)
• Daily Earning: $1 (N360)
• Expiry date: Unknown for now

In this plan, you can get $1 daily when you watch the adverts. You can actually make 30 USD in 30 days.

2. Basic Plan

• Subscription Fee: $20
• Daily earning: $2
• Expiry date: unknown (maybe a monthly subscription)
Just like the first subscription plan. But here you get $2 when you watch the two videos for the day.

3. Max Plan

• Subscription Fee: $50
• Daily Earning: $5
Here is quite big. In a month, if you watch all videos for that month, you can earn up to  $150 monthly in this plan. 

4. Pro Plan

• Subscription Fee: $100
• Daily Earning: $10
This plan is bigger than the above three (3) as you can see. Here you are getting $300 in a month if you are consistent.

5. Gold Plan

• Subscription Fee: $200
• Daily Earning: $20

6. Platinum Plan

• Subscription Fee: $500
• Daily Earning: $50

7. Enterprise Plan

• Subscription Fee: $1,000
• Daily Earning: $100 review: Payments Method 

They only pay their users with bitcoin.  If you don't know much about Bitcoin and How you can receive payments from Bitcoin,  i refer you to BBC guide on Bitcoin.

 Is Advertpay legit or Scam(Top Secret) 

This is the main deal!  This is really why you came here and I'm gonna try my best not to mislead You.

Few weeks ago,  Advertpay were paying their users and they were all very happy because it is very Hard to see a legitimate paying site in the World today. 

But all of the sudden,  they stopped paying! And i know you wanna know why? Chill! 

It was reported That they sent mail to all their members regarding this issues. 

Remember i wrote earlier that Advertpay pay their members with Bitcoin and in their mail,  they said its because of the fluctuation of bitcoin that they will resume payment the following day but they never did. Its been 3 days now no payment so I kindly advice not to join yet.

I advise you to save dollar for now. 


They are so many site paying now.  Watch out for my next article,  i will give the list of site You can make money from. 

My advise on Advertpay is that you should hold your peace,  once they start paying again I'll update this Review. 

#Video:Bill Gate prophesied about Corona Virus in 2015

What is really going on?

I saw a post on Facebook few and i think it is worth sharing.

A lady by name Mitche Ferrons wrote on facebook about Corona virus. she said:

Do you Know the Corona virus is not a fuckin virus 😪😪😪 it’s 5G that’s actually killing people and not a “virus” 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ they are trying to get u scared of a fake ass virus when it the 5G towers being built around the world. China was the first to have over 100,000 5G towers, and people in Wuhan were the first to get affected by it. This 5G shit was planned years ago to depopulate us and keep as at a low vibrational state. Bill gates is the one who created this along with the weird entities who control this world. He also is creating a vaccine for this so called corona virus that they are going to try to enforce on everyone. These Vaccines are actually chips that they are trying to implant in billions of people across the world. They can literally monitor all ya actions, movements, whereabouts, and thoughts through these lil micro chips. Not only that they can end ya life through them micro chips with the push of a button. They know in order to have millions of people take these vaccines they first need to create a fake virus. Smh it grinds my fuckin gears that you humans are brainwashed enough to believe wtf the news and media puts out there. WAKE TF UP and start researching the truths behind these weird agendas they keep creating. Y’all really out there with masks and shit on WHEN IT AINT NO DAMN VIRUSSSSSS. These Chinese doctors and people you see on TV that’s so called affected by the virus ARE ALL ACTORS, this shit is scripted out LITERALLY. It’s 5G towers that’s killing people and no mask in the world can prevent them levels of radiation from frying your brain. If we don’t wake tf up NOW this shit finna really kill us smh 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ but of course y’all gonna think I’m crazy for saying this too right ??? Smh Fuckin Robots is what y’all are, legit programmed robots ‼️

Below is a video of bill gate talking about Corona virus in 2015.

She also advised her followers on how to stay safe  from Corona virus. 

Please be careful guys, it's not rumors it's virus which can kill you easily. Don't take it as sarcasm, meme , take care of yourself, your family and your friends. Don't be a dumbass and stop being crazy 🙄🙄 please. We love you and your parents love you so avoid gathering, stop sharing your smoking stuffs too, carry Corona virus mask(not that 10rs mask) and sanitizer. It's not a meme material anymore so please stop showing you're brave enough, your one mistake can kill you or your favourite person. I wish you guys are enough mature to understand.

Please note how Corona virus can spread:

1. Morning milk bags.
2. Elevator buttons.
3. Door bells.
4. Newspapers.
5. Car door after wash.
6. Garbage can exchange with housekeeping staff (also their ingress into housing society, and movement from house to house).
7. Raw vegetable and fruits purchased.
8. Shop counters.
9. Office pantry, lunchroom, washroom, and door handles.
10. Garden seats.
11. Play area swings, etc. (though for an unknown reason, young children thankfully are less affected)
12. Maids touching multiple surfaces at home.
13. All door knobs.
14. Packets of Delivery boys - Amazon, Swiggy, etc.
15. Any shopping packets.
16. Currency notes and coins.
17. Uber, Auto, etc.
18. Bus and train handles
19. Shoes, etc., which may step on spit.
20. If travelling by air, then multiple points from departing terminal to arrival terminal.

Thank you so much for reading, have a great life ahead. I love you guys😓
(Sorry for any mistake)


what do you think?

How to make your infinix battery last longer

Nobody like the sound of that, especially when you are in the middle of something very important.
Battery is the most important aspect of a smartphone, that’s why most smartphone manufacturers focus building smartphone with large battery capacity and also adding features such as Power saving mode, Ultra Power Saving Mode in order to make the battery last longer.

Despite all that, how long your battery last still, to some extent depends on how you use the smartphone.

Here are five practical tips that will help you maximize the battery life of your Infinix smartphone.

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Tip #1: Select a low brightness level

A smartphone display consumes on average 40% of the battery.Therefore, having a lower brightness setting is the most practical way to minimize battery drain on your Infinix smartphone.

Tip #2: Disable Sync

Most people activate sync in order for them to receive notification of the different services they use such as Email. Sync may be convenient, but has the downside of being a serious battery drainer. Deactivate sync is another straightforward way to make sure your battery lasts longer.

Tip #3: Identify the battery drainers

Some applications are known to be serious battery drainers. You can go to the battery stats features and identify applications that consume most of your battery juice. You can choose to disable such apps.

Tip #4: Turn off Bluetooth and GPS

Bluetooth and GPS chips require battery juice to work. Having the two services on for a long time will drain battery. Make a point of turning them off when they’re not in active use.

Tip #5: Activate Battery Saving Mode

Infinix smartphones come inbuilt with Power saving and ultra-power saving modes. Activate either of the two when you need your battery to last longer.

That’s it on maximizing your battery life. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

I was a victim of Boko Haram — Barcelona Star confessed

The Antalyaspor striker, who spoke with the Cable News Network on Thursday in an interview, which was monitored by our correspondent, lamented the lack of attention internationally for terrorism in Africa.

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He said, “It is important that African people, who are successful, raise their voices to denounce these horrors and raise awareness among the general public.

“I was affected, like many of my African brothers, by Boko Haram. We haven’t been affected by such horrors in a very long time. In the midst of these atrocities, we seem powerless. We saw what happened in France with Charlie Hebdo.

“We were all very sad about this situation and we saw African heads of state coming to Paris to offer their support to France. Why — when it comes to Africa, when it comes to our continent — don’t we do anything?”

The former African Footballer of the Year, while unveiling his charity, Yellow Whistleblower FC, said he would raise $50m to deal with the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria, which has spilled into neighbouring countries such as Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

A total of £51,250 (about $78,480) had been raised when our correspondent visited the group’s website on Thursday.

Speaking on racism against African footballers, Eto’o said, “When you’re African and you’re sometimes better than Europeans or Americans, you are not considered as African. I can’t say no to life, to hope. Hope is the reason; I still have hope for our African continent.

“I really hope there will be other Samuel Eto’os or Yaya Toures and others who are part of history. In order to be part of history, you need to have an impact on life several times. When you impact history several times, that means you are out of the ordinary. That’s why in Africa, we need to say no to ignorance, while accepting and understanding our values.”

See List of All the football Players Affected by Corona Virus

Corona Virus Pandemic has hit the world hard and football is one major aspect that has suffered the most from this pandemic. The Virus which started in Wuhan China has spread to almost every part of the world.

Footballer matches have either been cancelled or postponed owing to the Virus. Even Uefa Champions league and Europa league matches has been cancelled as top proffessiona footballers and managers has been confirmed with the Virus

See List of Players with the Virus:

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1. Daniel Rugani

Rugani, 24, is a First team Juventus defender who was confirmed with the Virus two days ago. He was the first professional football player to be tested positive

football player to be tested positive

2. Manalo Gabiaddini

The former Southampton man is carrying Covid-19 but currently only has a mild fever as the virus continues to ravage through Italy

3. Callum Hudson Odoi

Chelsea men's team player Callum Hudson-Odoi had a positive test result for coronavirus returned this evening," a club statement said.

"Chelsea personnel who had recent close contact with the player in the men's team building will now self-isolate in line with government health guidelines.

"These will include initially the full men's team squad, coaching staff and a number of backroom staff."

4. Manager Mikel Arteta

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has tested positive for coronavirus, the north London club have announced.

Premier League officials will now meet for an ’emergency club meeting’ on Friday morning to discuss whether matches should continue this weekend

In a statement released by Arsenal, the club revealed that a ‘significant amount of people’ – including first-team players and several members of staff – will now self-isolate。

Review: Is legit or scam

Review: Is legit or scam is a new investment which doesn't have much information.

You may be thinking, is really legit? How can I make money from it,  is it worth investing?

we can not really tell you if is legit or scam. once any of our team has trued it then we will able to write a review about it.

Authors at Dollarpennysaver cant write much about but just becareful.
  Once we confirm it, we hint you on who is the owner too.

Who Is the Owner of Raycon Earbuds: [Updated]

Have you been curious to know who the owner of  Raycon Earbuds is?  If yes,  I guess you are in the right place.

Who is the owner of Raycon Earbuds,

We recently wrote about Who is the owner of Roblox.  I think you should check it out.


William Raymond Norwood Jr is the CEO and owner of Raycon Earbuds, an electronic brand vested in the production of high quality earbuds. Raycon earbuds are good with customized features of wireless audio. Ray J was born on January 17, 1981 at McComb Mississipi and raised in Carson California. He is an American rapper, songwriter, actor, television personality and an innovative entrepreneur. 


Raycon Earbuds falls under the Raycon Global (Raycon), a consumer electronics and premier global brand for innovative, high-demand electronics designed by celebrities founded in 2017 with offices based in New York, California, South America, and China. 


William Raymond Norwood is popularly called and known as Ray J. This could probably stem from his professional exploits in Hip Pop Music as well as his famous TV shows such as ‘For the Love of Ray’ since he began his career in the year 1995.


William Raymond Norwood is happily married to Princess Love during 2016 and proudly a father of two children. 

More surprisingly in our quest of discovery, we came to a successful find out as to the relationship between Ray J and Brandy Norwood, an american actress and recording artist as well as Snoop Dogg one of our favorite rappers and found him as a brother to the former and a cousin to the latter, including our most beautiful Sasha Banks, a well renowned world female wrestler. 


In as much as RAYCON GLOBAL net worth are not released yet, the most famous estimate has been over $1billion(dollars) on a rough account of a multi-million partnership with CowBoy Wholsales.


A lot of people have been wondering "who is the owner of Raycon earbuds" Is the founder of Raycon earbuds really rich? According to As at 2015, Ray J’s net worth estimate was about $6million through rapid corporate growth by implementing a viral organic marketing strategy and product placements through celebrities such as Sean Combs, Brandy, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Stephen Curry, Carl Delevingne, and professional athletic teams, including the L.A. Clippers and Los Angeles Rams. A large amount of the source of this gain had come from his controversial sex tape with Kim Kardashian, (Kanye West's wife). However as of 2019,Ray J's net worth has been estimated to be about $14 million and may even get bigger than that in the future! 

Raycon Earbuds REVIEW 

According to reviews gotten from Amazon Customers “They pair extremely easily, are great to control with the side buttons, sit snug in the ear, and work great with phone calls. It’s been a week since using them and I have yet to charge the included battery case, which have a nice magnetic snap to it when inserting the earphones. The part that is inserted into your ear canal is shaped like Apple earbuds…….”
We believe that  Raycon earbuds are just as good as the owner, Ray 
You can also follow the review here on Reddit 


You were curious to know who is the owner of Raycon earbuds
We believe that we have firmly established the facts in issue concentrating on William Raymond Norwood, his commercial business, family life, comparisons, net worth, etc. We hope we have fed you with satisfactory answers to satiate your curiosity. Thanks for your time!

Meet the real owner of Betking and the CEO: what you need to know

who the real owner of Betking is, betking net worth,

Have you been wondering who the real owner of Betking is?  Is the owner a male or female?  Well,   after going through my article, I'm sure you will stop wondering as we will enlighten you more about Betking.

I recently wrote about the owner of Roblox,  I think you should check it out!

What is Betking all about? 

Betking is a sports betting company just like Bet9ja,  Betpawa and many others. Their head office is located in Lagos Nigeria.
Betking shops and centers is all over Nigeria.

Over the years, Betking have been operating well and people are really giving thumbs up to their services and the way they treat customers.

Who is the real owner of Betking 

Since the existence of Betking,  Many Nigerians have been thinking that the Nigerian football legend, Jay Jay Okocha Is the owner of Betking. From our sources,  Jay Jay Okocha is just the brand Ambassador of Betking. 

From our research,  the real owner of Betking is Adekunle Adeniji. He's a Nigerian. 

While the CEO of Betking is Byron Petzer,  a Russian.

And Austin Jay Jay Okocha  the Brand Ambassador. 
Meet the real owner of Betking and the CEO: what you need to know
Meet the real owner of Betking and the CEO:
 L-R: Co-founder, Betking, Adekunle Adeniji, Brand Ambassador, Betking, Austin Jay-Jay Okocha, and CEO, Betking, Byron Petzer  

Net worth of Betking founder. Adekunle Adeniji

Adekunle Adeniji was a Manager Virtual Products at Bet9ja before he founded Betking. He has other companies he runs and as 2019, His net worth was $15 Million.

Betking net worth 

We are still working on bringing you the exact net worth betking, but I think (not sure)  it should be around $60 million. 

We will keep you updated once we confirm it.


From my article,  I hope you can understand that Adekunle Adeniji is the real owner of Betking.  Jay Jay Okacha is the Brand Ambassador.
Do you have anything you want to share with us?  Use the comment section. 

Who is the founder of Roblox, Age and Family Life

Who is the owner of roblox

Everyday,  Over over 200 people search for "who is the owner of Roblox"  on search engines. And may be, you are among those who really wants to know to know the owner/founder of Roblox? No need to worry.  You are in the right place. In this article,  I'll write about 
  • What  Roblox is all about 
  • The founder of Roblox.
  • Family life.
  • Net worth

What is Roblox all about? 

Roblox is a multi-player game creation platform which allows it users to design their own games and also play the games designed by other users. As of August 2019,  it was reported that Roblox has over 100 million monthly active users. 

Who is the founder/Owner of Roblox

A lot of people have claimed to be the owner of Roblox Studio,  but here in, we will try our best to make sure we give you a useful information.

I guess the search query that brought you here is Who is the owner of Roblox"

According to Wikipedia, Roblox was created by co-founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in the year 2004. It was formerly known as DynaBlocks. In 2005, the name was changed from DynaBlocks to Roblox by Baszucki and it was launched on September 1 2006.

Currently, the owner of Roblox is David Baszucki.
He is also the founder of Knowledge Revolution Inc.

Family Life of  Roblox Owner, David Baszucki 

David Baszucki was born in Canada on 20th January,  1963.

Recently,  someone asked me, "Is the founder of Roblox dead? "
The answer is no,  he's alive. 

You may be wondering,  Does the owner of Roblox have kids? Of course yes,  David is married to Jan Ellison,  The couple have 4 children.

Net worth of David Baszucki

You may be thinking,  "How rich is David Baszucki "  Well,  According to Forbes,  The net worth of  David Baszucki is roughly $18 million at the age of 56.


Now you have known who the owner of Roblox is,  I hope you will always visit our blog to read more articles.

Do you have more article you wish to share with us about David Baszucki?  Feel free to contact us.