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Innocent Okoduwa Launches Mobile App For RWJ Oil Diesel Delivery

The Nigerian petroleum industry is about to experience a unique development with the recent innovation brought by Innocent Okoduwa, the CEO RWJ oil and gas limited (Roy Wealth Jnr).

Okoduwa in an interview with journalists yesterday said ” the frustrating situations citizens go through every day to get diesel and other petroleum products are on called for."

” People get frustrated when they experience an unexpected delay in their journey due to unforeseen fuel situations, which sometimes put them in a position where they become victims of robbery”.

According to the CEO, These challenges have led to the development of an app that allows people to buy diesel, petrol and other petroleum products from the comfort of their homes at their own convenient time. “I have always wanted all citizens to get the same treatment regarding diesel, petrol, and other products".

This app is designed to allow anyone around Nigeria to get diesel and other products at a reasonable price and speed wit…
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NewsLiteNg Income Program Review: Is it legit or scam

NewsLiteNg Income Program is a new Income Program that has come to limelight and this has gained the likes of some Nigerians and Africans. But the real question is, ‘Is this Income Program a Scam? You will find out as you go through this article. Just try to read this NewsLiteNg Income Program Review because it will serve as an eye opener to those that want to get involve in this. Be careful to read every line of this article so that you won’t skip any vital information.

What is NewsLiteNg Online Program – This is an Income Program that is powered by Obeje Software Solutions which is a registered company with Business number; BN3022681. NewsLiteNg Income Program serves news to News lovers and they also make it possible for people to make money via performing some tasks. Some might be wondering ‘How is NewsLiteNg Income Program making their money to pay members? This revenue is gotten by promoting paid ads from their clients (because they run adverts) and by also partners… review; Is it Legit or Scam? 4 lies you must know

Adverypay.UK review is brought to you by Dollarpennysaver. Read carefully

Have someone ever tried persuading you to join And you maybe asking yourself,  "Is advertpay legit?  How much have you made from it since you joined advertpay? How do i know if advertpay is not another scam site! "

Well don't panic!

I would have asked the question!.  Anyway,  I'm going to save your ass by writing a review about and i hope it will help you.

What is Advertpay and how does it works. According to the name, this is a platform that helps users or members earn when they watch videos (advertisement). Advertpay shows Users advert to watch and pay them for watching them. This site also permits business to display their adverts. Below is a direct claim from the company.

Are you still confuse?  Read down!

This Income Program is quite easy to understand. Advertpay Income Program enables users to earn money through watching of short Adverts from different company.…

#Video:Bill Gate prophesied about Corona Virus in 2015

What is really going on?

I saw a post on Facebook few and i think it is worth sharing.
A lady by name Mitche Ferrons wrote on facebook about Corona virus. she said:
Do you Know the Corona virus is not a fuckin virus 😪😪😪 it’s 5G that’s actually killing people and not a “virus” 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ they are trying to get u scared of a fake ass virus when it the 5G towers being built around the world. China was the first to have over 100,000 5G towers, and people in Wuhan were the first to get affected by it. This 5G shit was planned years ago to depopulate us and keep as at a low vibrational state. Bill gates is the one who created this along with the weird entities who control this world. He also is creating a vaccine for this so called corona virus that they are going to try to enforce on everyone. These Vaccines are actually chips that they are trying to implant in billions of people across the world. They can literally monitor all ya actions, movements, whereabouts, and thought…

How to make your infinix battery last longer

Nobody like the sound of that, especially when you are in the middle of something very important.
Battery is the most important aspect of a smartphone, that’s why most smartphone manufacturers focus building smartphone with large battery capacity and also adding features such as Power saving mode, Ultra Power Saving Mode in order to make the battery last longer.

Despite all that, how long your battery last still, to some extent depends on how you use the smartphone.

Here are five practical tips that will help you maximize the battery life of your Infinix smartphone.

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Tip #1: Select a low brightness level

A smartphone display consumes on average 40% of the battery.Therefore, having a lower brightness setting is the most practical way to minimize battery drain on your Infinix smartphone.

Tip #2: Disable Sync

Most people activate sync in order for them to receive notification of the different services they use such as Email. Sync may be convenient, but has the …

I was a victim of Boko Haram — Barcelona Star confessed

The Antalyaspor striker, who spoke with the Cable News Network on Thursday in an interview, which was monitored by our correspondent, lamented the lack of attention internationally for terrorism in Africa.

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He said, “It is important that African people, who are successful, raise their voices to denounce these horrors and raise awareness among the general public.

“I was affected, like many of my African brothers, by Boko Haram. We haven’t been affected by such horrors in a very long time. In the midst of these atrocities, we seem powerless. We saw what happened in France with Charlie Hebdo.

“We were all very sad about this situation and we saw African heads of state coming to Paris to offer their support to France. Why — when it comes to Africa, when it comes to our continent — don’t we do anything?”

The former African Footballer of the Year, while unveiling his charity, Yellow Whistleblower FC, said he would raise $50m to deal with the Boko Haram insurgency in…

See List of All the football Players Affected by Corona Virus

Corona Virus Pandemic has hit the world hard and football is one major aspect that has suffered the most from this pandemic. The Virus which started in Wuhan China has spread to almost every part of the world.

Footballer matches have either been cancelled or postponed owing to the Virus. Even Uefa Champions league and Europa league matches has been cancelled as top proffessiona footballers and managers has been confirmed with the Virus

See List of Players with the Virus:

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1. Daniel Rugani

Rugani, 24, is a First team Juventus defender who was confirmed with the Virus two days ago. He was the first professional football player to be tested positive

football player to be tested positive

2. Manalo Gabiaddini

The former Southampton man is carrying Covid-19 but currently only has a mild fever as the virus continues to ravage through Italy

3. Callum Hudson Odoi

Chelsea men's team player Callum Hudson-Odoi had a positive test result for coronavirus returned thi…